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NVAPlayersJaydon Corby-Potter

September 17, 20200

The Ontario Matadors, who joined the NVA this past December, have a plethora of elite athletes looking to make an impact on the league in their inaugural season. One of those players, whom we were lucky enough to sit down with, is Jaydon Corby-Potter, a 6’6 middle blocker from Riverside. Interestingly enough, when Jaydon is not playing volleyball he is serving our country as a part of the United States Air Force. We sat down with Jaydon because we were interested in his story, as well as his thoughts on the creation of the team, his own volleyball history, and his feelings about being a middle blocker. 


In talking about what brought him to the great sport of volleyball, Jaydon mentioned some things that many in the men’s volleyball community can resonate with. “I never thought I would be playing volleyball” he said, “It just so happened that my high school started a team while I was there, and they needed players. I asked myself ‘why not?’ and a few years later I find myself on the Matadors.” The growth of high school men’s volleyball teams over the past ten years is a great example of how the game is growing, and with these additions, the love of the game is growing too. Jaydon then shared his thoughts on playing for the Matadors and the growth of the NVA in general. “I love that this great game is growing, it seems to get bigger every day,” He continued, “I love that I get to continue my volleyball career with the Matadors and the NVA. To be able to play at a high and competitive level here in the States is a dream come true for me, and I love every second.” 


Jaydon went on to mention his affinity for the middle blocker position. When prompted, he answered adamantly, “Yes, I love it. You’re involved in every play and you are the glue to the defense to make it work.” Then when asked what the toughest part of playing the position was, Jaydon responded, “Blocking, definitely blocking. Especially when the setter can run a good tempo offense, it makes it that much harder to read and close the block.” The Matadors are hoping Jaydon’s size 16 sneakers can help him move across the net and close some blocks this season and beyond. Jaydon has a pure love for the game, for someone to serve their country and play professional volleyball is a huge commitment, and the NVA is lucky to have someone of such stature in the league.


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