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Take some time to read about Ontario Matadors history.


The Matadors rise from the urge and desire to play high-level volleyball. The owner of the Matadors, Cesar Estrada, met his business partner, Natasha Mills-Nales and her husband in 2018. Cesar was involved with several sports, one of them being volleyball. He has hosted and participated in several volleyball tournaments and events. Natasha, along with her husband, have both competed in Pro’ Leagues, Semi-Pro Leagues, and coached volleyball in Puerto Rico. They moved out to California after the tragic disaster in Puerto Rico to continue their growth in the volleyball world.

After a year of searching, Club Owner Cesar, and General Manager Natasha, were introduced to the NVA and were so impressed that they decided to create a team in December of 2019 and join the league. The Matadors squad is a culmination of pro players, beach volleyball players, and players from different volleyball tournaments that Cesar and Natasha have met over the last year.


In being an expansion team for the NVA, this is the first year of being an actual team, so the Matadors have only a very recent ‘past’. Just a few of the players have played together before the Matadors were created, but the majority have not. Even though the NVA season did not take place as expected, the team was able to train together in the off-season, and this allowed the players to get to know one another.


The Matadors are still in a forming process due to the pandemic COVID-19, among other factors. Even though the team had to stop normal practices, they began to host grass tournaments to stay active. These tournaments were also used to help people in need through charitable donations. The team has a lot yet to give and is excited to start the next season.


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